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Wisconsin Department of Health (Madison, Wisconsin)

The State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) is an organization comprised of a statewide health care Integrated Delivery System (IDS) that includes seven remote psychiatric sites and a Central Business Office in Madison.

The State of Wisconsin had a key initiative which called for all State healthcare service agencies to electronically capture and maintain accurate, current guarantor, patient and insurance information.   At the same time, the Department of Health Services was preparing to establish a Central Business Office (CBO) model which could be leveraged by all of the State’s psychiatric facilities.

After an exhaustive and thorough search, the organization selected Stockell Healthcare’s InsightCS® full suite of patient access and patient accounting solutions.   Less than one year from that selection, the system was installed and operational both at the CBO and each of the seven remote sites.

A significant amount of new functionality was also added including Legal Status Data Sets, a whole new module for Resident Trust Fund Accounting, County Board 51 billing, and Intenstive Treatment Plan billing.   Later, the DHS added Residential Care Center billing to InsightCS®.  This program brought an entire billing function back to the State which had been farmed out to contractors.

With InsightCS®, the DHS was able to dramatically increase the percentage of first-time clean claims submissions, and reduce Medicaid payment remittance time from nearly  60 days to less than 2 weeks. Plus, the centralized InsightCS® execution model freed up the operational staff for the seven remote sites to focus more time on process improvements.

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